The Power of the Spirit

Through all the misdirected and destructive fumbles of humanity, it is remarkable how the power to love; the power to seek justice and community, survives.  It flows through individuals and generations, it can and does take new forms.  It may go underground. Sometimes it seems nations and leaders have truly lost their way, running down paths of suspicion, violence, retribution and scathing rhetoric.

And then something happens.  Often it seems small.  We care for the earth in our own little way.  We read to children.  We feed the hungry.  Quaking in our shoes, we stand up and make a bold public statement for what we feel in our heart is right.  We embrace those who are “not like” us – because, in fact, in our shared humanity, they ARE us.  The Christian phrase for all of this might be “the power of the Holy Spirit,” moving through individuals like Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Theresa, and even the justices of the Supreme Court – though their job is not to act as people of faith.  People of other traditions might call it something else (in Islam, the Holy Spirit is Gabriel) and people of no tradition might just say such shifts and flows are simply products of political and social realities.  Whatever; I call it the power of God’s Holy Spirit.  I pray you feel it in your own life.

Pastor Carol

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