The Strongest of All Possible Loves

Mother-love is one very strong form of love. Jesus teaches us the strong, and life-giving, love of God. By some analysis, Jesus might be considered a very feminine character. He does not show macho traits of control or violence. He expresses outrage at injustice, rather than unbridled anger. He is humble and a peacemaker, but he is outspoken. He allows himself to be vulnerable. He expresses care for people, especially for children. He is sensitive to the plights of oppressed women. He feeds people. He touches people. He weeps. These would be stereotypically female activities or qualities in the ancient world, yet gospel writers think nothing of lifting up all of these aspects of Jesus.

I suggest that the eucharistic statement to “do this in remembrance of me” might be rethought as doing aspects of our living in a motherly, Jesus way. In fact, try this. Mentally say “be,” rather than “do.” Be this in remembrance of me. Be filled with the strong love manifested by Jesus, and all the women of the faith. Remember the love and power of the mothers of the Black church – the glue that has held the church together for generations. Be filled with the strong love that your mother or a mother-figure gave you, even when you were furious at her, or disappointed in her. Or even when your mother-figure was a man. For those who knew mistreatment at the hands of a mother figure, can you find strong mother love in God, in Jesus? It is there. Can you find a channel for that strong love to flow from your heart and mind out into a world that desperately needs mothering in so many ways? I hope so. There are angry, abusive individuals in our world, and we will all be better if we can free ourselves to give – and gracefully to receive – a little divine mothering.

Blessings,      – Pastor Carol

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