Understanding in The Lego Life

Towers of pride in this life take many forms.  We had an imaginative, colorful (chaotic) Tower of Babel built of Legos on the communion table for Pentecost. For the people of Babel and the gathered tribes at Pentecost, understanding was defined by language.  One community was scattered; another mysteriously brought together.  But true understanding is more than the words we speak.  True understanding is in the life we live.  If God is going to move among us, we may be disturbed.  We may disagree.  But we have faith that something strong binds us together as we discover purpose as a church.  We are to be kind and patient with one another, especially if we are feeling scattered or undecided.  God wants us to take time to reflect.  Then we discover that the true key to understanding one another and being drawn by the Spirit into that community which can accomplish anything – the true key is love.  Love is the common language we all understand; that language which holds all joy, all pain, all disagreement, all confusion, all consensus.  To love is to understand, and be touched by the Spirit’s fire.

Pastor Carol 

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