What Kind of Advent/Christmas Will We Have?

As I sit at my IPAD as I am flying home from Spain, I am wondering how I will do as “the season” approaches.  Will I be one of the many who weakens as the cookies, candies, pies, and other sweets hit the table?  Will I be one of the average people who gain 12 pounds from November 24, 2014 to January 2, 2015?  I know that the folk at Weight Watchers and the writers of Dr. Oz ‘s Real Age newsletter tips are giving me countless suggestions to maximize my self-control; but then I know I can be a weak person… very weak indeed.

Will I be one of the many who charge $700 or more on my credit cards to buy things that people don’t really want or need, as a token of my love and esteem?  I am sure that many economists hope so. It is so hard not to get wrapped up in the gift-buying craze whether or not it’s for the good of the economy.

On the other hand, I know I will get sentimental about some of the traditions Cameron and I have made our own over the years.  Every year we get a dated ornament for our tree, now we get two (one for Moo – Moo, our cat). While in New York, we always went to Rockefeller Center with family and/or friends to take our picture by the tree. Every year we have to watch three movies: It’s a Wonderful Life. A Christmas Carol, (the 1951 Alastair Sims version), and Miracle on 34th Street (again the 1948 B&W version).  A newer tradition was going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the Angel Tree with the magnificent medieval village and nativity underneath.

Of course we look forward to starting a new California tradition this year. We will be interested to hear what some of you folk do.  We are looking forward to attending the choral concert some of our church folk are involved in.

Every year we look forward to the candlelight service and singing the Christmas Carols as well as caroling at a nearby nursing home.  Of course we always try to open ourselves to the unexpected joys that always seems to come.

The real good stuff, of course, is all but free and non-fattening, isn’t it? Our faith is the greatest gift, which opens for us new ways of living, loving, believing, and doing. The Advent/Christmas season is Holy as we celebrate that truly God is with us.

Advent greetings,

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