What to Do with Stones

There are some terrible stories in scripture and in our history about people executed by being stoned to death.  We know that stones can be destructive of life and property.  But a stone is also strong, foundational and beautiful – we were reminded of the image of Christ as cornerstone of our faith, and the foundation stones of the church – faith, hope, love, mercy.  Stones have been used not only for weapons, but to build walls and houses, make tools, mark sacred spaces, and pave roads.  Sometimes special people become the “rock” of our existence, the stones of a family, or of a church.   Whether creating a structure, or relationships, not all stones fit together perfectly.  Irregularities have to find ways to balance together, to contribute to the whole.  We are all called to be living stones in the house of the Divine.  In our unevenness, we are used by the Holy Spirit to rest with one another.  Each of us has rough edges.  We are part of an edifice only God can imagine, and mortar together with grace.  So we have work to do – stone mason work – in order to be a strong and faithful house.  Holy stone mason work is truth-telling, laughing, weeping, and working together.  Holy stone mason work also means allowing ourselves be shaped and changed.  We can bring change in the world, if we step back and allow God’s work to be done in and through each of us.  What a wonderful house of lovely stones will emerge.

Deep peace be with you,
Pastor Carol

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