What’s your light?

In hearing the story of the magi, visitors from afar who sought out Jesus, we asked what was leading or guiding them – and what leads or guides us?  Like travelers, we must navigate and find what we can trust, our North Star, even though that North Star wobbles a bit in the sky.  We have, and will, make mistakes, as individuals and as communities.  We will sometimes claim to find light in a path which is ultimately destructive or unrewarding.

What leads us on is Christ’s promise of the inbreaking reign of God.  When in darkness, each of us must seek our light, that which keeps us following Jesus.  And communities, even when they have differences, need to sing, pray, work, discuss and reach out together.  When the world sees a community of individuals who practice love, who work and share together, even when their roads are bumpy, who feed each other, not just ritually, but in reality, they will see a very different kind of church than the one that has spent centuries in decline.

The magi knew they could not trust Herod and returned home “by another road.”  It took courage to choose an unfamiliar way.  The way of Jesus calls us into the unknown.  Are we courageous enough to follow; not to accept the familiar; not to accede to power just because it is power and sounds authoritative, and perhaps secure?  Can we look for something else – perhaps an unknown road, a new light.  Can we follow the pole star of our teacher and Christ even when it takes us on an untraveled, risky, bumpy road?

Blessings and light on your path  — Pastor Carol 

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