Yoga and Meditation at IUC

EVERY SATURDAY MORNING, yoga instructor Patrizia Ferrari offers yoga and meditation at IUC.  The sessions, open to everyone, are 10 -11:30am, an hour and a half of spiritual practice focused on healing the separation between ourselves and the divine through the medium of yoga and meditation.

Being a spiritual place for all people, we feel this is appropriate use of sacred space, and an especially important contribution that IUC can make to the Foster City community.  No belief system is expected or presumed.  All persons are welcome.  Just wear comfortable clothing.  The yoga practice is gentle and you participate at your own level.  If you have a yoga mat, bring it.  If not, we have extra mats and blocks to loan for your visit.

A completely freewill donation is taken for these sessions.  It is wonderful, gentle strengthening for the body as well as a spiritual practice.  Please plan to come and try it out, and mention it to a friend in the community.

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