Are We Sheep?

Many pastors dread the “sheep Sunday” which predictably arrives in the Easter season of the lectionary. I rather like it. And it was most interesting this past Sunday to reflect on sheep and sheepherding as anachronisms – or at least they may seem out of place in 21st c. Silicon Valley. We just need to reframe our understanding. We did talk about how we are sheep – not a description many would like to embrace, as too often sheep are seen as dumb animals only to be shorn or eaten. But in the realm of God, sheep are comforted, led, cared for, and fed to be strengthened. And the work of sheepherders – work in which we truly share as church – is to provide food for bodies and souls, and to accompany one another through our personal valleys of despair which will surely happen. And oh yes, we dance, too. If you have never seen sheep frolic, it does look like dancing! A sight not to be missed. Included in our worship was time to reflect on the beautiful Bobby McFerrin a capella version of the 23rd psalm, framed entirely in feminine imagery and dedicated to his mother. We were all moved by this understanding of how God loves and cares for us.

Now if sheepherding were not enough, this coming week we will talk about winegrowing (right here, not in Napa Valley).

Peace and grace be with you,
Pastor Carol

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