Digging Deep, Doing Our Business

The last few days were highlighted by our Saturday afternoon retreat, Sunday worship and congregational meeting.  When I talk about “doing our business” I mean our spiritual business, not strictly financial or logistical.  We prayed and listened to one another.  We opened our hearts.  We talked about core values and what mission means.  We developed some questions to be answered, which were shared at the congregational meeting as goals for the coming year.  We have plenty of notes to put out in the next week – please be a little patient!

In the meantime, two valuable documents tie us together.  Thanks to our secretary Maritza Jackson, the new church directory, and the beautifully assembled annual report are available in hard copy at church if you did not already receive one.  Approved minutes from our last congregational meeting in June are available here.   Thank you to Brian Ring for joining the Pastoral Relations Committee, and to Huijun Ring for working with the Communications Team.  Thank you to Moderator Alexis Lewis for shepherding a great meeting.  We also got to give a fine round of applause to the buildings and grounds folks, especially Ed Grohe and Paul Bade, for the installation of our projection system.

Yours in peace and hope,
Pastor Carol

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