Don’t Take It Personally

With the backdrop of the gospel story of a blind man regaining his sight, Rev. Valerie Duecker shared a wonderful message with us about spiritual blindness. What makes us spiritually blind? It happens when we take things personally, start blaming, then turn that personal “affront” into dislike, anger, even hatred, judgments about whole classes of people, and a “getting even” mentality. Terrible. But we have all done it. We cannot see gently. We fail to see others as individuals, as who they truly are. Yes, they most surely have faults and failings, as we do, but their actions and words are about their choices, not about us. We cannot make them take on our preconception, our pettiness, or our “need to be right.” Live generously. Don’t take anything personally. Thanks to Rev. Valerie for this great message – and to my dear, departed friend Robbie who once said, “What other people think of me is none of my business.”

Peace and grace,

Pastor Carol

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