Garden Work

Maybe it is enough to say this week that I commend to you again Jesus’ parable of the sower in Matthew 13.  The gift of God’s Creation is more than simply the planet Earth committed to our care – though that is increasingly vital.  Creation includes all of our creativity – to be the best we can be with our gifts (our “seeds”) to bring about the reign of God, the reign of radical love, peace, and justice in these times.  That is Creation.  It requires hard work.  It requires knowing our seeds.  It requires knowing both God and ourselves as sowers.  It means knowing our soil and nurturing it.

This garden tending – with ourselves as individuals and as a church – is also daring work!  When soil is depleted or rocky, when the regular sowers are tired, when the soil is not known or goes untended, then not much, if anything is going to grow.  And the whole growth process involves a huge measure of trust – that beauty will emerge from the dirt.  God knows that.  Keep digging!

Pastor Carol

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