“I Don’t Get It”

Why can’t Jesus be more straightforward?  Some of us came to imagine that Jesus – mystic, sage, healer, rabbi – might be a conduit to understanding the mystery of God.  Well, he did not make it simple.  His favorite modality was the parable, and parables require work in order to discern, to unpack meaning.  Parables – more than similes or allegories – require us to become a part of a story in order to understand its message.  This is the work of discernment.  Our lives are parables. To understand our lives, and the interactions we share with others, requires trust and commitment to mutual discernment.  So when we gather in retreat, to think about our core values as a church, we will need to trust one another and listen well and charitably as we discern.

What brings the most understanding to you when you begin …”The kingdom of God, for me, is like….?”  How do you fill that in?  There was some wonderful sharing on Sunday.  Some things we will never understand – not deeply.  But we can hear how others understand, and over time, get precious glimpses of God in a beautiful place, a beautiful face, a special relationship, a compassionate, wordless embrace.  Then we grasp the reality of God’s reign in our lives.  We understand.

“Have you understood all this?” Jesus asked.  And the listeners said, “Yes.”  Well, maybe ….

Peace and grace to you,
Pastor Carol

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