Life’s Challenges: Grumbling

Human beings grumble and complain – we just do.  It can be no fun; sometimes even hurtful.  But there is a good side to complaining, too. Telling your truth – even if it comes out to someone else like grumbling – is important.  Being honest is vital to your integrity, so you don’t “stuff” things, and build up resentment which causes further trouble.  And grumbling actually honors others.  It says, “I trust you enough to be able to hear my truth.  I value you enough not to lie to you about how I feel.”  There is nothing in the Biblical commandments that says, “Thou shalt not complain.”  In fact, most of the prophets were complainers, as were some of the psalmists, and Jesus, and Paul…  Why, when it was a question of justice, compassion, and building right relationship, Jesus was a world-class grumbler!  Stand up for the world of shalom, of wholeness, that God wishes for us.  Let’s just remember when we are doing our grumbling to love one another despite our differences, and always reach for common ground and values.  Christians do grumble, you know, and there is always enough grace for everyone.  

Pastor Carol

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