Long, Strange, Journeys

We have all taken journeys.  Some are meticulously planned; some are unplanned like those of Joseph and Peter we heard about.  What we know is the reassurance of God’s presence on every part of the trip, even when unpleasant or unexpected things happen.  As much as we may enjoy planning and anticipating the “best trip ever,” it is important to let go of controlling all outcomes.  This allows for things to be even better than we expected(!) and to have confidence in God’s leading when events go awry.

We remembered our own strange journeys, and that in all the strangeness, God does plant goodness.  Sometimes it takes a great deal of time and discernment to find it. Discernment is a process, a process which does not always lead where we expect or hope – at least not right away, or on our preferred timetable.  With our hearts set on a specific outcome, something unexpected may be seen as upsetting,  an obstacle, or a failing.  Almost always it turns out to be an opening to a new way, learning, a gift from God – simply a different journey than the one on which you embarked.  When you are open to discernment, the journey may not be what you imagined, or hoped.  It may be longer, better, more confusing, more revealing, and as a church, we are in a perpetual journey of spiritual discernment.

As individuals, we are all on our unique life journeys, but we also have journeys to which we have committed our passions and beliefs.  Can you name your journeys?

Peace and courage to you, on the road —
Pastor Carol

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