Love is Stronger than Fear

So many of the characters and stories surrounding Christmas – both in scripture and in our day – center on courage.  What courage it took Mary and Joseph to make a dangerous journey into an unknown future.  What courage it takes today’s immigrants and refugees to leave the familiar and venture into the unknown.  What courage it took, and takes, to resist oppression and follow the call of God to take chances and create a just world.  What courage it takes to trust that God will indeed be present through our communities and dear ones and, yes, even strangers – when we are in need.

What undergirds that courage is LOVE – love that we give and the love that we receive.  Love is courageous.  Once I heard that the opposite of love is not hatred, or indifference.  It is fear.  Do not be fearful.  Know God’s love born anew in the Spirit of Christ in our midst, and go with courage into the future that opens before us.

Beloveds, we have shared a full and wonderful year together.  You have touched me deeply with your love, support, and good humor, and I am very, very grateful.  I pray for you all and hope this season has been, and will be, full of blessing for you, your friends and families.  Let us anticipate and expect together the world of hope and justice that Jesus brings.

Peace and grace to you in the New Year — Pastor Carol 

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