May the Road You Travel Always Lead You Home

We all have our own understandings of what it means to be “home.’  It may be a physical place, large or small, you have found or perhaps built yourself – a house or apartment where you feel safe and surrounded by things and people you love.  Home may be in treasured memories of people or places, in the company of others who give you joy, doing things like sharing a meal, laughing, singing.   Home may be your family, of biology or of choice.  Home touches you in a deep place which is sometimes hard to describe.  This is where we get the expression “feeling at home.”

When we struggle to define who, or what, God is in our lives, and we realize that just perhaps what defines God shifts a little over time, then, maybe we know that home is God … and God is the essence of what we often call home… comfort, love, safety, celebration, rest, unequivocal welcome.  May Island United Church always be such a place.  Let others know there is a “home” right here in the neighborhood.  And as our choir sang – may the road you travel always lead you home.

Peace and grace to you in all things,

Pastor Carol

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