Members One of Another

In our discussion of Neighbors in Need during Sunday worship, I made a point that I really would like to reiterate in my little column for our church’s eNews. That is that within our own building we have immediate neighbors, namely our All Are Friends, Montessori preschool. They are our neighbors. The children, teachers, and extended family members who are involved are in need of our church to provide an efficiently managed and safe center for learning. The church takes great care though the advisory board made up of church members and school parents to make sure this happens. As pastor, I am very proud to be a part of this board.

It should be noted too, that we are a “neighbor in need” to the preschool. Let’s face it, without the income generated by the preschool, it is doubtful our little church would be able to survive financially on just pledged income alone. And yet for us to think of the preschool as just a business, or money making venture to insure our future, is definitely the wrong approach to our sharing the building. Simply stated, our church needs the stimulation of their youth; they need the collective wisdom of what our experiences have been over the years.

Whenever I am in town, I try to spend time with the children by singing songs, chatting and just having fun. I have become, I’m sure, a grandfatherly image to them, “Ol’ Pastor Jarv”. I enjoy the teachers and children very much. I feel it is an important aspect of my work here, to help bridge the gap between church and school, that we All Are Friends.

This fall starting in November, our church is going to sponsor the first of four parenting programs for the families of the preschool. I need as many members of our church who are able to attend. May we extend welcoming hands offering hospitality and thereby help dissolve the wall that separates our two communities. We are not only neighbors in need, but “members one of another”.


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