Message on a Bottle

I appreciate all the wonderful comments people have said to me about my Christmas story, Redeemable upon Request, where a little girl learned the meaning of giving of oneself. To think it all started with a message on the bottom of a McDonald hamburger coupon almost forty years ago!

As we approach the New Year I’d like to share another message from another popular product, a Coca-Cola bottle. This message is not on the new bottles, but was on the old green bottles, when Coke, in my opinion, tasted the best. The message stated simply: no deposit, no return.

With the beginning of a new era of ministry at Island United Church, stewardship is going to be increasingly important. As with any organization, what you get out of it depends a great deal about what you put into it.  And it is not just about money, though money will always be an issue for this or any church for that matter.

There will be three more seminars for the parents of the preschool that will need both your attention and support. Our first event was terrific and maintaining enthusiastic support is essential for the future success of the program. The next program is scheduled for January 29th. Once again we will be looking for volunteers to help with food and with the children. Because of our last success, I expect there will be more participation from families.

The preschool is our mission and it is our investment in the future of our community. Let us continue do our best to serve the preschool parents and children who attend. May our church always be known as a church that invests in its children. There are certain things that our church no longer does, like the pancake breakfast, because of our size and average age of our membership. This, however, is something we can definitely do. Our deposit is our investing our time and talent; our return is creating a better society in which to live… No Deposit, No Return!

I know you will come through.


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