More Than The Heart Can Bear – Part 2

Heart- and mind-stopping events can come in waves.  That’s when we learn that God’s grace is immense, indeed.  If you have ever had trouble with what that word “grace” means, then you are not alone.  Real life examples may be the only way to have an “aha” moment about what God is capable of doing.  Events in our nation and world have indeed been intense of late. Where do we find God at work?


As President Obama eloquently reminded us, grace was, and is, profoundly at work in the aftermath of the Charleston shootings.  In the real pain, there is forgiveness, strength, and communal change.  In one week, the rights of all persons to health care and the dignity of marriage were upheld.  Those are more than judicial actions.  They are the result of motivated, caring, thoughtful, even mystified, people pressing forward for justice and hope; believing when belief was hard and circumstances beat them down.  Those things are God’s grace made tangible.  But the wonder is – we don’t “earn” that grace.  There is nothing we can do to bring it on, deserve it, get credits.  As Paul writes, “…there is no distinction, … all have sinned [or failed] and fall short of the glory of God” (Rom 3:22-23).  Yet grace is handed to us anyway.  It’s our decision how to use it.  But some days it is just so big, more than the heart can bear.  Takes your breath away.  Thank you, God, for simply knowing we are here and in need of your grace.

Peace be with you,
Pastor Carol

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