Prophets for Peace

On Sunday, we heard from prophets.  Sometimes those prophets of old are pretty scary.  But the essence of prophecy yesterday and today is the same.  It is about change; a new and different future.  To pretend otherwise ignores many individuals throughout history – from the greatest firebrands to the quietest of change makers; from the biggest risk-takers to patient tenders of the flames of faith and dedication to a better world.  That change is about creating peace, restoring harmony as Isaiah described; the harmony craved by all creatures, great and small.

What is peace?  Peace is not the absence of war or physical conflict.  It is not the absence of anything.  Peace is the presence of that which gives and sustains life, and for which we are willing to work hard and take risks.  That’s what prophets do.  Dietrich Bonhoeffer reminds us, “There is no way to peace along the way of safety … peace must be dared.  It is the great venture and can never be safe.”   Lauren is a prophet at Standing Rock.  The AIDS LifeCycle riders are prophets on the road to Los Angeles.  Those bringing food and gifts for First Step for Families are prophets – because you work to sustain life.  When you wear the safety pin to show commitment to the dignity and harmony of all people, you are a prophet declaring that you sustain life.  There are so many ways we can be prophets, bringing change; the change that makes peace, drawing us closer together, strong in the love and compassion that Jesus taught to us.

Peace and grace to you in all things –

Pastor Carol

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