The Game

I must admit that I am really not too much of a sports fan. I don’t dislike it mind you, but I guess I can usually think of better things to do than sitting in my living room watching “the game”. Yesterday was an exception as we were invited to a party to watch the soccer match between USA and Portugal.

We brought snacks to share and joined a group of about thirty people who had all brought snacks to share as well. Needless to say, there was an endless assortment of high in fat, sugar and/or salty treats at our immediate disposal to gorge ourselves on.

The game was exciting, and the camaraderie tremendous. Much has been made over the interest in the World Cup in the USA this year.  Because preferred sports like baseball, basketball, hockey, and football (American style) has dominated the sports scene here, little interest has been given soccer. This year is an exception as many are talking about the World Cup.

I wonder if it’s because of the level playing field onto which all the nations come together. Sport left on its own is organized play. The minute money and economics enters sports, it ruins the game. Not that there isn’t money involved in the World Cup, but at least teams on top aren’t necessarily going to be the countries with the most money or power. Isn’t it wild to watch a 90-minute game without any commercials?

I also think we have grown to love the idea that nations of the world can come together to play a game. And at least for 90 minuets we witness conflict and resolve without weapons.


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