I don’t know about you, but I am tired of lighting candles; tired of praying into the darkness, even though I’m certain a compassionate God is present.  The tide of misfortune and evil that seems to have overtaken us is exhausting.  People are scared of war, they are hurt, devastated, stripped of the bare necessities of life we take for granted and – in the last 10 days – simply slaughtered, their lives cut down.  What are we to do?  It’s fair to be angry; there is plenty to be angry about and to protest.  Oh yes, I am also tired of being told that protest is too political, rather than an act of faith.

It is our responsibility, as followers of Jesus, to turn anger into loving and strong protest for change; demanding that those we put in authority live up to promises to care for and protect our communities – all communities; communities of color, of sexual diversity, communities affected by natural disaster and gun violence.  Be angry, but don’t rant or amplify the sin.  Turn your anger into love.  Then, maybe together, we can combat the terrible fatigue.  Yes, I’m tired of lighting candles, but I will keep doing it.  And pray that you will, too.

In peace and hope,
Pastor Carol

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