Welcome Home to The Land of Questions

We had a happy homecoming celebration with new and returning friends – Earline’s grandson Owen, Holly’s daughter Lisa, our long-time member Brian, our dear Pat who has been away a good portion of the summer, and a new friend Lisa!  Our children handed out leis of “aloha” – love and welcome – and we sang songs of family and joy.  And of course, being the Church of the Full Table, we had a great potluck after worship based soundly on the primary food group, chocolate.  Best of all, we welcomed Lauren to her “home for the year” as our minister-in-training, with a special liturgy of commissioning and commitment.  We were reminded in all this, however, that we are not a church of answers or certainty, and that critical reading of the Bible is work!  We are spiritual people, full of questions, seeking wisdom among one another and in the teachings of radical love and justice given to us by Jesus.  Our church home grounds us in this search, connects us, and calls us together again and again to share our questions and our learning.  Be well!  And welcome home!


Pastor Carol  

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