Who Said Faith Was Easy?

We all have hardships to face, and uphill battles.  Scripture is filled with stories – told and re-told to inspire hearers – of people who did incredible things out of faith in God’s leading and goodness.  Abraham leaves his homeland when God says, “Go.”  Noah, at God’s beckoning, trusts his life, and the lives of family and creatures to the great storm and flood.  Moses, convinced of his unworthiness, still leads his people toward the Law and a new life.  Rabbi Jesus sacrifices his life as a political disturber and teacher of a new Way.  And all the while they are called to be faithful and “ready,” though for what it is hard to know.  It’s always hard to know when you can’t see the future.  The uphill battles are still there today – some of them are the same; some are different.  Affordable housing, a job paying a decent wage, safety for kids on the street, equal justice regardless of your skin color, the freedom to immigrate to a new land for a better life, to practice your faith, to find respect, and  self-determination.

Our calling as a church is to sustain faith in the Goodness of God, for ourselves, and within our wider community.  When we believe that a better world is possible, we must hold onto, and nurture that belief.  In faith.  God has shown up in our lives and histories time and time again, and quite often when we refused to acknowledge it.  Be ready.

Peace and grace,
Pastor Carol  

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