You’ve Got Mail

There is something special about getting a letter or card – a real, hand-written, stamped, personal message just for you.  We get those messages from God all the time – the touch of the Holy Spirit, the sense that Jesus might just be nearby to whisper a word of love or wisdom when we need it.  They are personal messages, just for you, each and every wonderful, quirky one of you – God’s Beloved.  Yes, you are.  I invited us to imagine our heart as a mailbox and look there regularly for holy messages that have sneaked in there to touch us when we weren’t paying attention.  The Christian testament is full of letters, some of them presumably from Paul, others not.  Some are written to whole communities – at Corinth, Philippi, Ephesus – but some are loving missives of advice and counsel to companions on the journey of faith, like Timothy, and Philemon.  You can send holy mail, too.  Take time to share with just one other person how much you care about them, or what they are going through, or to bring a word of humor or encouragement.                  

Peace and grace,
Pastor Carol  

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