Yummy Bread

We delved into World Communion Sunday, and what it means to be the Body of Christ.  That brought out a few good bread memories among us!  Bread is a common staple food, in its many forms.  It feeds our bodies.  And when John the gospel writer had Jesus say, “I am the bread of life,” it meant Jesus was the bread to feed our spirits.  When we offer bread to another (or an apple, or a Clif bar), we are saying, “I want you to live.”  It is important to me that you survive.

Yet before dough is bread, it must be kneaded, and rise.  God kneads us over a lifetime, working intention and holy love into us, the way a baker works bread.  And like muscles kneaded in massage, sometimes the holy work hurts.  We are pushed to look at ourselves and our world and see things we would rather not.  But we in the Body of Christ change and grow strong like the dough with working yeast and gluten when we place ourselves in God’s care.  Then we must be left alone, in a quiet warm place to rise – a warm place filled with love, prayers and caring.

(Then we shared the wonderful breads that Rowe brought – challah, tortillas, and naan!  Yum!)

Yours in peace and hope,
Pastor Carol

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