Shelter Network

InnVision Shelter Network is doing amazing work in our community.  If anyone would like to view their website, it is  They are dedicated to helping homeless families and individuals return to stable housing and long-term self-sufficiency.  They are also doing outreach to homeless veterans.

The program we are supporting is First Step for Families located at Villa Terrace in San Mateo.  Our monthly donations are welcomed and eagerly accepted.  After talking to the youth director of the facility, there is a continuing need for school supplies and a need for volunteers as well.

The sounds of Christmas bells and music are all around us.  Let us pass this spirit on to the First Step for Families of Shelter Network. Our Christmas cheer this year will be donations of gift certificates from Safeway or Target. The gift certificate will be put into a Christmas card and these will be delivered on Monday, December 21, 2015.

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